Hello Anglers!!

Welcome to the “Walkingangler”.

This blog is designed to help you discover the exciting hobby of fishing on the beautiful North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Whether you are new or experienced, I am sure the information in this blog will help you become a better angler.

Fishing on the Outer Banks has a long history. It can trace its roots back several hundred years. As time progressed, fishing expended from just locals supporting their communities to a robust commercial and recreational industry. Thousands of North Carolinians work on both sides of the fishery supplying enjoyment and resources around the world.  Over the years, the North Carolina’s Outer Banks has become a destination for professional and recreational anglers from all over the globe. And the area proudly holds the title of The Billfish Capital of the World”

But there is more to the Outer Banks than World class Billfish, Eastern North Carolina has a tremendous near coastal and sound side fishery. Dozens of species continue to find year round residence in our local waters. Many times, local anglers can catch that fish of a lifetime or citation size fish right from the shore.

In my blog I have included many resources for your use as you explore this great hobby and possibly achieve that classification as a “World Class Angler”.

Fishing on the Outer Banks is a lot of fun, very easy and in-expensive. It’s a great hobby for the entire family, especially first-timers and children. There are dozens of places to wet a line on the Outer Banks and this blog should help you find them, the best gear and equipment to use and ultimately improve your chances at a successful day fishing.

Our piers, bridges and of course the surf is all conveniently located within a several minute drive from most locations. They are all safe and accommodating to our visitors and residents alike.

This blog is divided into sections. You will find those sections listed along the top line of the page. Each topic has several drop-down menus that allow for an expansion of that area. Those menus cover area maps, many fishing locations, fish identification, State regulations, and many other resources. In addition, there are more resources listed on the right side panel including current weather conditions in the surrounding region.

So let’s get ready to explore and discover the exciting hobby of angling.

If I can be of any assistance, please email me.

Good luck and Tightlines – Capt. Tony