Do You Know When to Fish?

Earlier this week, I received a question from a friend on the pier. He asked me how I knew the best time I go fishing. The most logical answer is when you have time and the fish are biting. But the answer is a little more complex that.Jennette's Pier - 2015

I look at three things before I go fishing. They are water temperature, barometer and the tides. Obviously there are many other items that should be included in this list but these are my first three.

First thing is to check the water temperature. The temperature is the signature of two things – whether the fish are there and are conditions right to feel. My homework always includes checking the optimal temperatures of the species I am targeting.

The next thing I do is look at weather patterns. Is there a front on the way, did one just pass or will it be as they say “a blue bird day”. Depending on these finding, it influences my decision.

The final piece to the plan is the tide phases. Most anglers prefer a low or high tide. High tides bring in more water especially during full or spring moons. Low tides trap fish in pockets or small depressions on the bottom making it easier to see and catch them.

What most anglers don’t know about most species is that they travel or move when they feed. And they are looking for food that is moving about too. So to answer that question, I believe water movement might be the most important key for me deciding when to go fishing regardless of the speed and direction.

So the next time you plan a fishing trip focus on these three things: What is the water temperature, weather patterns and tide and water movement.  You should look for these before and during every outing, they just might just make you a better angler.

Also, look for more great information on how barometer readings and tides affect your fishing in future blog entries.

Until next time – Tightlines – Capt. Tony

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