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Second in a Series – You arrived on the Outer Banks safely. Your family is settled into their vacation house and kids are on the beach. Now it’s time for you to plan for your first fishing excursion.

You brought your gear from home and plan to save some money and to fish with your “old faithful” rod. Sometimes this technique can result in more frustration and less catches. Other local anglers and I recommend against this.

The first stop for any angler but especially someone new to the area, should be to stop by a local tackle shop for advice and recommendations on the proper gear and equipment. The staff will help determine what rod and reel will work best with the type of fishing you plan to do.

The best start up gear should be a standard medium size rod and reel combination. This set up can be purchased along with a temporary license for less than fifty dollars.

Next, the staff will help you with what’s biting and on which baits. It’s important to follow their suggestions until you have developed your own methods.

Of course, like any hobby, the new angler can fill the trunk with many other items, but really you only need several items to get started. Those items include your rod and reel set up, bait and a small cooler to keep it fresh, small knife, fish gripper, a de-hooker and a rod holder. You might even consider several replacement bottom rigs, various size hooks and sinkers.

Additionally, you might consider obtaining a five gallon bucket to carry your gear. And the bucket can also be used as a seat.

Sure there are other items you could use to make life easy but remember you are just getting started. There is plenty of time for you to experience fishing and then add to your tackle collection as you find things work.

So now you should be knowledgeable enough to start planning your first excursion.

This is part two of the series, “Hey, I am new” and I want to add fishing to my favorite things to do.

Until Next Time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony

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