Basic Fishing Gear

Basic fishing gear – the following items should get you fishing in no time!!

This section will describe the basic gear you will need to start catching.

The first thing you need is a standard light medium 6-1/2 to 7 foot rod and spinning reel. You can purchase a set up for less than $30.00 at most tackle shops. They will set you up with the proper line and rigging.

I suggest you pick up several standard two hook bottom rigs. These rigs with allow you to quickly change hooks and sinkers as conditions change.

You will also need several different size pyramid sinkers. Ask the tackle shop about the surf conditions. Heavier surf – more weight and less surf – less weight. You can easily change the sinkers by clipping the small loop on the top of the sinker to the snap swivel at the bottom end of the bottom rig.

Hook size depends on what is catching. I pick up several sizes of hooks including #2’s and #4’s. Go with the “J” hook style. There are also circle hooks but as a beginner, I have found “J” hooks might be your best friend. They come in sets of five in one package. Unless the tackle shop recommends, purchase the hooks with monofilament not metal lines.

For more information on basic gear – refer to the tab labeled – “Gear and Equipment”