Oregon Inlet Basin Area

Oregon Inlet Basin area is another great place to fish by land or wading. To access this area, use the east side parking lot and walk to the southern end of the dock.

On the outgoing tide the shallow water is easy to navigate. The out going creek mouths hold fish most of the time. Also, cast into the deeper sloughs as you wade south off the point.

You can also cast a line from the bulkhead at the end of the dock on the north side of the basin. From this location, you can reach the slough at the entrance of the marina but also the channel that leads to the public boat ramp.

Caution should be taken when wading in south side area from currents, deep holes and waves from boats entering or leaving the Oregon Inlet Basin.

I also have found fish around the public boat ramps on the northwest corner of the Oregon Inlet property. Park in the north boat trailer parking lot and walk toward the ramp.

Please note: the United States Coast Guard property is off limits to fishing.

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