Nags Head Beach Access – Dune Cross over

Town of Nags Head maintains many recreational dune cross-overs within the town limits where anglers and others can access the beach.

Theses recreational dune cross-overs are designed for the angler, beachcomber, and four-wheel drive vehicles use. And many of these areas have adequate parking and an assortment of other public accommodations.

Each recreational area description will identify the parking area, handicapped accessibility, amenities and 4-wheel drive vehicle access to the beach. The nearest cross street and its relationship to the Beach Road will be noted.

Always use caution and follow any public signage when parking in these areas or on the public streets and using the dune cross-overs.

Town of Nags Head permits off road vehicles on the beach from October 1 through May 1. Those dune cross-overs marked with a double asterisks ** are designed for these vehicle access routes.

Only vehicles that are registered and licensed are permitted on the beach. Take caution to avoid driving on the dunes. A beach access permit is required and can be obtained at the Town Hall or many local tackle shops.