“Tackle Box”

OK – Let’s Get Started

Fishing on the Outer Banks is extremely easy and lots of fun. All you need is a basic rod and reel set, throw in some bait and go!! Well, a little more than that but really not much more to have a great time.

The following drop down tabs will give you a list of basic gear you will need to fish on both the surf, bridges and piers.

The first tab gives you a brief “quick-start” guide of gear and equipment. I have included some photos to help give you an idea what the gear will look like.

The next tab identifies the items you should consider purchasing to make fishing a little easier. Again, you don’t need a basket full of gear to get started. Start with the basic items and as you get comfortable, upgrade your tackle box.

The last tab describes some additional rigs and techniques to enhance this hobby. Different rigs help attract and catch various species of fish. Each one has it’s place. So don’t get comfortable with one method – branch out and try something new.