Fishing Knots

There are dozens of knots that can be used to attach both hooks, rings and swivels to your main or leader lines.

In this section, I will include the most common knots and diagrams on tying them.

The “improved  clinch knot” is the most common knot and easiest to use.

The “uni-knot” is the next knot to know and one you will also use frequently.


I use the double surgeon’s knot to create my own homemade bottom rig. Two loops approximately twelve (12″) apart and a loop at the end of the line. Attach hooks and sinker to loops.

I use the Albright knot to join lines of equal or unequal diameter. After this knot is tied, it will slide through even the smallest of rod tip eyes. Very strong.

Knot instructions and diagrams courtesy of the

“Andre Monofilament – Book of Knots”

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