“About this blog?”

Why did I start this blog? To give the beginner a comprehensive real time fishing resource on the Outer Banks.

The idea for this blog started several years ago when I overheard an aggressive salesperson in a local big box store try to sell hundreds of dollars of gear to an inexperienced customer who just wanted to go fishing. The customer, new to the area, wanted to pick up some basic gear to begin fishing and crabbing during his family’s vacation.

What this customer left with was hundreds of dollars of gear that he would never use and if he did find a way to use it,  the frustration of failure would have turned him off to fishing our area.

I then begin to research area fishing resources and I could not find one that helps the new angler get started. In the process of creating this blog, we have begun to develop a one stop resource for fishing on the Outer Banks.

I have over fifty years of fishing these waters. Like everyone else who has taken that first step on this island, I too was a novice angler just looking for little bit of help fishing.

My intent is to help begin your journey. So sit back, load that rod, cast it into the unknown and reel in a lifetime of enjoyment.

Captain Tony