More Than Just a Holiday

Memorial Day weekend is typically regarded as the traditional start of summer.Cemotary

This time of year, we begin to think of those lazy days of summer. A fun filled summer is now solidly on the minds of our family and friends. For me, I have thoughts of finally breaking out the rest of our light tackle and gear and begin planning for the summer excursions.

But there is another deeper meaning to this special Holiday weekend.

This weekend and specifically the Memorial Day Monday is the day that we get an opportunity to thank the families of our brave women and men for their service to our country. And to thank the families of those soldiers and sailors who have made that ultimate sacrifice.

So this weekend we should stop and take a moment to say thanks to the families of those brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who gave the supreme commitment and sacrifice to ensure we can enjoy our way of life.

Thanking them for the freedom we enjoy is the least we can do.

Freedom has never been nor will it ever be free – if you ever question that notion of freedom – just ask one of the spouse, children, parents and friends of a lost one, just how much that freedom costs. It may surprise you.

So take a moment this weekend to fly your American flag high and remember these brave and dedicated men and women for their service to you and their country.

And from Walkingangler and myself, a big thanks to everyone who have served our country including several in my family, special friends and many colleagues. God speed.

Until next time – Tightlines – Capt. Tony