Ocean Pier Fishing in April

Ocean pier fishing in April can be a mixed bag. Some regular species are there but you may find some strange visitors. This is exactly what I found on Friday.

On Friday, I had an opportunity to spend several hours fishing on the Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head.04-24-15 - Blow Toad - Puffer  - Jennette Pier

As a rule of thumb and before any trip out but especially in April, you should plan your trip by doing your homework. Your plan should include tides, weather, water temps and what’s catching.

Your plan should be to bring just the gear you need and not be overwhelmed with equipment that you don’t need.

The daily reports showed sea mullet and blow toads along with rays being caught on a regular basis.

I arrived at noon just as the high tide was beginning to fall. I have always found whether fishing the back waters or ocean, a moving falling tide always produced more action.

The weather was breezy with a steady fifteen MPH wind out of the north. Water temperatures were in the middle fifties so conditions were just about right for an April outing,

My gear included both a medium and light rod. I had several different bottom rigs and various hook and sinker sizes. My only bait choice was “Fishbites”. I could have stopped at a local shop but chose to wait.

The day started slow but as the falling tide began to accelerate, the fish began to bite. But most bites were misses. I changed to smaller hooks and lighter sinkers and then I began to catch sea and blow toads. The “Fishbites” turned out to be the ticket.

Just as the tide began to slack, I hooked up with several small Norfolk spot. There was also a mix of small croakers. Each cast late in the afternoon brought in spot two at a time.

The day went well because I had planned for both large and small prey.

So next time you plan on a fishing trip in April, prepare for more than just the expected prey.

Until next time – Tightlines – Captain Tony