Fishing in Strange Waters

The Outer Banks have dozens of the areas to fish. Unfortunately, this fishery is season driven. The colder months sends most species of fish to safer environments and sometimes anglers to warmer climates.

This winter I made a plan to explore one of my favorite angling spots –the Florida Keys and Key West. IMG_6830

The Florida Keys boasts both an excellent fishery and a mild winter climate. The Keys are a series of islands that extends from the southernmost part of south east Florida to Key West. Between these two points, an angler can fish over a hundred miles of bridges, shorelines and channels. Add the Atlantic Ocean to the south and Florida Bay to the north both make for an outstanding and unpredictable fishery.

In addition to a perfect combinations of land mass and waterways, hundreds of species of fish transverse from the Atlantic Ocean to the Florida bay through many narrow channels in search of food and comfort. All of this makes this a great place for finding fish from your boat but also for the boat-less or walking angler.

The challenge to any traveling angler fishing in a new location is to have patience and the ability to change as conditions warrant. The environment and fishery can be kind or harsh in the Keys. These local species are smart and very sly. They need these skills to survive.

We’ll see how well I am able to change my older and somewhat comfortable habits and adapt to the “keys” way.

Check back frequently as I wade through the Florida Keys fishery.

Until next time – Tightlines – Capt. Tony


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