News on Bonner Bridge Catwalk

Pedestrian Access to Old Bonner Bridge to be Closed Starting Next Week

During the week of March 18, contractors for the N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will be installing gates and fences around the southern end of the Bonner Bridge and adjoining catwalks, as workers prepare for demolition work on the bridge. This will temporarily end public pedestrian access to the bridge while the demolition takes place over the next year.

“It’s a safety issue,” said NCDOT Division One Engineer Jerry Jennings. “The south end of the old bridge will become a work zone for the next 10-12 months, so we need to keep the public out of harm’s way.”

About 1,000 feet of the bridge will remain after the demolition process and be converted into a public walkway. That section is expected to reopen in 2020 when the demolition project is complete.

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5 thoughts on “News on Bonner Bridge Catwalk

  1. It would be nice to see if there currently is any development of the supposed pier. Pictures would be appreciated

    • Thank you for your inquiry on the New “Basnight Bridge” fishing area.

      About 1,000 feet of the south end of the bridge will remain in place as a walkway over the water and possibly a fishing pier, depending on federal permits. The structure will also help stabilize channels used by boats. Resource by Jeff Hampton – Virginia Pilot – August 25, 2019.

      No more information is available at this time.

      Capt Tony

    • Not yet. Demolition still ongoing with old bridge. Hopefully we should know something soon. Capt. Tony

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