Pier Experience

Fishing is one of Outer Banks most sought after pleasures. When visitors hear about the Outer Banks, it’s fishing that usually comes to mind first. But it’s pier fishing that makes all the difference. And as summer is beginning to wind down, this is a great time to talk about pier fishing again.

Kitty Hawk Pier

Pier fishing is great for all ages and experience levels. It is a great way to spend an hour or all day. Fishing on a pier can typically be a “one-price” for all. Anglers can rent rod outfits, buy bait and even refreshments. The best part is there is no license needed and the advice on catching fish is free.

To be successful, most anglers should focus on three important components: water movement, structure and species.

The first item is water movement. Wind and tides keep the water moving around the pier. Many species use this action to their advantage to find food and safety. Moving water keeps bait flowing and tire a struggling fish. Current passing by the pilings can cause turbulence and provide a hiding place for many predators.

Fishing is usually best when the tide is flowing and wind creates a little surface action.

The pier pilings are actually the best structure in the ocean. Water passing by the piles provide a safe space for resting fish. Also, pilings are home to crabs and small fish. 

The water turbulence caused by water rushing past the piles can also create pockets, holes and slight depressions on the bottom close to the pier.

Fishing around structure and these bottom formations can give the angler their opportunity to catch fish.

And finally, species. The fish have to be near the pier to be caught. There are many factors that influence fish movement. Water temperature, bait or food availability and the season. Fish are migratory. They move searching for comfort and safety. 

This is where the pier staff comes into play. The staff knows when and where the fish move. They know what bait and gear works best during each season. So of pier fishing is that it’s almost a guarantee that the angler will catch something.

So regardless if you are new to the area looking for something fun to do or experience angler looking for that meal or even a trophy catch, one of the local Outer Banks fishing pier is the place to spent your time.

Until next time – Tightlines – Capt. Tony