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Fishing clubs can be the best way for a new angler to learn about a local fishery. It can be very frustrating when an angler moves to a new area and has to start over. But it is always helpful to find that fishing buddy who can show you the best locations and proven techniques in the new area.

But what do most anglers do when they move into a new area? They wing it. And finally they may stop into a local tackle shop, possibly pick up a new rod and reel set up, package of bait, hit the surf and hope for the best. Good start but still not the answer.

Fishing Clubs

Now they may even use their personal “it worked up north” gear. Some of which was not geared for this type of fishing. There is a good chance they will catch something and possibly have a good time. But once they get past that stage, they may ask themselves, now what? Continue to return to the tackle shop for advice, fish alone or seek out a fishing buddy who can show them the ropes?

Well, that’s where a fishing club comes into play. A fishing club can take that new or even experienced angler to the next level. As with every hobby, using certain techniques that if utilized properly will make the activity more successful and even a lot of fun. And this works the same way with fishing. Make it a habit doing things right and great times will follow.

Joining a fishing club will give those new anglers that competitive edge. And with the access to knowledgeable members and the support and camaraderie found there, the angler will find it to be a win-win proposition.

Membership is not just one sided affair. This commitment in a fishing club takes work. Each member is asked to participate in a number of activities all of which makes the club successful.

There are periodic meetings, assorted committees, picnics, awards dinners and of course tournaments. These all take volunteers to make it happen.  But the rewards are worth the effort.

Most fishing clubs meet monthly sometimes for just a few hours. Typically, there several parts of each meeting: Club business, speaker, committee reports and open forum.

Fishing clubs are the best opportunity for an angler to expand their skill level. It can open many doors typically not usually available to the casual angler.

If you looking for something new and exciting, joining a local fishing club is time worth spent and is definitely worth your effort.

The Outer Banks has several types of fishing clubs looking to add new members. If you are looking for new friendships and a place learn new techniques, then check them out.

A list of many local fishing clubs is available at the under the “ASSOCIATIONS/CLUBS” tab

Until Next Time – Tightlines – Capt. Tony

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