Let’s Try Fishing – The Beginning

Let’s Try Fishing is a series of simple steps created by the “Walkingangler” for the beginning angler to help them learn to fish from a land structure on the Outer Banks. Although, these steps are designed to help the new angler, many experienced anglers may benefit from them.

Similar to the migration of our seasonal marine species, thousands of visitors are arriving each week for their summer vacation. Most visitors are here for fun and relaxation but others are looking for their next adventure. And for many, fishing has been on their bucket list for quite some time but never actually took the time to explore it.

Could this vacation be the time to try something new? Why not try “Let’s Try Fishing” on this vacation? What a great way to learn something new, enjoy the outdoors and make memories.

Starting out in any hobby including fishing can be frustrating if you make it too complicated.

What you don’t want to do is get your hobby off to the wrong start like buying the wrong gear or using the wrong bait or even violating a fishing rule. So hopefully, this series will help.

Unfortunately, some new anglers begin their hobby by going to a retail stores to “just get set up”. These stores will occasionally sell you less quality gear by inexperienced personnel. It’s probably best to steer clear of these big box stores to help avoid that big disappointment on your first trip.

Another problem new angler’s face is believing “what worked up north may work here too”. This may apply is some settings but as a rule, leave your old gear at home. And it’s’ best to do as the local experienced anglers do, “fish for the fish that are here, using gear that local anglers use to catch them”.

So as we weave our way through “Let’s Try Fishing” remember, just keep it simple. Learn the proper techniques and various methods from the start and then grow into a very good angler using proper techniques and good equipment. And then over time and with little patience, you will become more confident and with confidence will come success.

Over the next several weeks, we will be talking about how the new angler can learn to fish the land structures on the Outer Banks. We will be discussing many common sense steps ultimately helping you to become a successful saltwater angler.

Check back soon for the next step – Simple Rules.

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony 

Always a Tough Choice

Fishing the surf or ocean pier on the Outer Banks can afford the opportunity of the vacationing family to catch fish and enjoy the beautiful Outer Banks together.

Family vacation schedules are typically pre-planned months before they unpack their car after arriving at their cottage. And typically any modification to the tight schedule can throw off the week’s plans.

But finding time to cast a line either in the ocean or off a local pier can easily fit in any busy vacationer’s schedule.

But now the biggest question, how do we choose between fishing the surf or on an ocean or sound side pier. The answer depends on what the angler is looking for.

First, surf fishing can get the new angler up and catching fish quickly and is great for the whole family.  Just walk out on any beach, cast a line and wait for that bite. But there are also some important rules that need to be considered when fishing on the surf. The angler needs to start by purchasing a fishing license and having a good understanding of the various regulations that apply to this type of fishing. A local tackle shop can help with both of these items.

The next item is fishing gear. A simple rod and reel setup and fresh bait are basically the only things you need to get started. Of course, there are many items you can add to that list that will help you make your day successful, and really the sky is the limit.

Many surf anglers regardless of their experience, enjoy the solitude and nature at its finest. Then add a nice catch for dinner, completes their day.      

Fishing on an ocean pier is another great way to catch fish. Piers are safe and a fun place for the entire family.

A fishing pier gives the angler the opportunity to fish both close to shore and then hundreds of feet out along the pier into the ocean. The various depths of water combined with pilings add structure and safety for a variety of fish that make this location home.

All of our ocean piers carry a blanket fishing license which means you do not have to purchase a license to fish there.

Fishing piers have many advantages over surf fishing. On site tackle shops and professional staff can provide advice and specific techniques. Rod and reel sets with proper rigging can rented. They have variety of baits and can advise the angler on what’s biting and which bait to use. And all piers have a place where you can pick up a quick drink or snack.

On the piers, you will also find other anglers willing to provide advice, answer questions or lend a hand retrieving or releasing your catch.

The choice on which type of fishing to do is really up to the angler. Either type of fishing can make any family’s vacation week complete.

So regardless of whether you choose to wet a line on the surf or drop a line off one of our local ocean piers, the memories you make will last a lifetime.

Until next time – Tightlines,

Capt. Tony

Discount Tackle is no Bargain

Have you noticed? It seems every day we find that we can buy more items online. Cars, pizza and now even a college degrees. And even more surprising, I read the other day that even the mainstay big box stores such as Costco and Sam’s Club are being squeezed out by other online wholesalers. And the future is un-predicable for many more retailers.

How about our fishing industry? Yup, there are now dozens of online tackle suppliers selling every type of tackle and gear on the market at discount prices. Even the very manufacturers have gotten in line with the parade. Seems everyone wants a piece of the angler’s dollar.

Why do anglers do their shopping online? It’s because the wholesaler’s prices can be cheaper than that of the local tackle shops plus as a bonus they receive free shipping coming directly to their door.

So now what does a local tackle shop do to survive in this era of the killer online market?

It’s called providing “personal customer service”. And it’s the same customer service they have been providing all along before the online marketers started wowing the angler away for their business.

Local tackle shops employ many local professional anglers. And for good reason. These local anglers know the waters, fish and what is takes to catch them. What equipment and lure work best? Best times, tides and locations. This is stuff you can’t find on any web site. And the best part – all of this information is free to anyone who either walks in the door or calls them on the phone.

Fresh bait and fresh fishing reports are the news of the day. Try finding these at the big box stores or on the online retailer’s web sites.

Finally, we all know online suppliers can sell us the same tackle and gear that we buy from a local guys maybe a little cheaper but the online guys can’t supply us with the advice we need to go with it.

So if we continue to buy on line at a discount and only go to the tackle shop for advice, the tackle shops will disappear.

Let’s support our local tackle shops every chance we get. They have a lot to offer, all you have to do is ask them.

But only you can make that choice. Let’s all make the right one.

Until Next Time – Tightlines – Capt. Tony