Making that Annual Pilgrimage

Each year, anglers from colder climates head south to warm areas to fulfill their catching void. And it seems that the most popular destination is Florida or the Florida Keys.

But fishing in the keys although similar to many northern locations, is definitely has its particulars. Unlike the typical baits and jigs, the sly species are not fooled by un-natural approaches. Heavy line and metal tackle is stuff to be avoided.d1384584-faaa-4180-beac-0e7ad831fd96

The species in the keys are plentiful and grow rapidly because they are shy and spooked easily.

So to catch fish in the keys you need to be stealth and natural. Live shrimp and various species of live pilchards are not only the best baits, they are basically the mainstay that actually catches fish.

Fly anglers will also use a variety of flies and applications to catch fish. Fly fishing is probably one of the most popular and sometimes most successful.

But the basic means of success is “thinking like the fish” or “be the bait” to catch that fish.  Stealth, approach and presentation are mandatory.

Fish are being caught on a frequent basis but a special skill needs to be added to your approaches.

Best tip if heading to the keys to fish, hire a guide or check with a local tackle shop. Most local anglers in the keys are sometimes the best resource.

Success can be as easily as asking that one question to any local angler, “Where are the fish and how to catch them”?

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony

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