Discount Tackle is no Bargain

There is no sign that gets an anglers attention more than a sign that reads, “Discount Tackle”.

Many anglers have experienced the consequences of using “discount gear” at least once in their lives. And most smart anglers will try to steer as far away from places that sell discount tackle.IMG_1972

But there are many anglers who will still use anything they can to just wet a line. And they do this at the expense of losing that fish or having a disappointing experience.

Discount tackle can be typically found in most “big-box” stores and on the shelves of many small variety shops. And the quality of the tackle can be different depending on where you shop.

Many of the big box retailers will purchase large amounts of specific tackle because it can be purchased in volume and at a discount. By buying in volume and at a low price, they are able to sell it to the anglers at discount. But anglers should keep in mind that just because there is a large variety of inexpensive tackle doesn’t mean it is quality gear. Buying quality tackle at a discount store can be done but it requires a smart angler.

I have found that discount tackle from the big box stores has an overall lesser quality. Anglers may find some high quality gear there but overall they will have trouble differentiating the good from the poor quality. And the worst thing that can happen when you use less than quality gear, is that you lose your fish. And become frustrated when using something that doesn’t work well or last through the season.

When I purchase tackle and fishing gear, I always head to my local tackle shop, marina or pier house. I might pay a little more but the quality is always top notch. Ironically, if you price the tackle at big box and local tackle shops, prices are going to be the same or close to it.

Now the best advantage to shopping at our local tackle shops is the professional advice. Not only are you getting the best gear and tackle for specific species but also the proper techniques, times to go and the best place to fish. So when time is short, you can’t waste time trying to find a great spot. Let the tackle shop professionals do the homework for you – they will help put you on the fish “QUICK”.

So the next time you see a sign that reads, “Discount Tackle”, and you want to take a chance, then go ahead and shop. But if you are more serious about catching fish, do yourself a favor and pass it by and head to your local tackle shop. You will not regret that choice.

On the Outer Banks there are many shops to choose from and each one will gladly help you make that fishing memory.

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony

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