Best Fishing Tip Ever

Most anglers look for that unimaginable small piece of information or unique tip or skill that can help them become that angler who just throws their line in the water and retrieves a fish.

Unfortunately, there is no magic button or formula that can help either novice or experienced anglers improve their catches. There is no one thing that they can use to help put them over the edge.

But there was some great advice that I received from a good friend almost 30 years ago that might help improve your catches. I still use this every trip.

Great anglers know this tip and use it before every trip. Sometimes this tip is foolproof but other times, well they will rely on plain luck. But either way, this advice may give you that competitive advantage needed for success.

Here is some of the best advice you will ever receive and it’s from IGFA inductee and author Mark Sosin.

“If you can anticipate how a fish will react under a given set of circumstances, you should be able to come up with the correct method of catching that fish”.

This advice seems simple enough. It is not easy to be successful each trip. But if you follow this advice, do your homework and work hard at becoming the best you can be. Well, you will improve your catches many fold.

It has helped me hundreds of time.

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony

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