It’s Not Too Late

Well it’s been several months since your final catch of last year. Most anglers began right away performing that off season maintenance on their gear. Ridding the salt, sand and grime from the reels and rods.

This is a reminder – It’s not too late!!

The most important duty is disassembling the moving parts of the reel to expose any debris that can shorten the life of the reel. This cleaning should be followed by lubricating certain parts to insure good operation first time back on the water.

Rods are a bit easier. Wash with a mild soap and dry completely. A good corrosive resistant coating. Especially focus on the guided for hidden dirt.

If you have not completed this basic duty then now is the time. All reel and rod manufacturers’ web sites can give you the best maintenance procedures to follow for your particular gear and equipment.

Remember, once you re-assemble your reels, tighten down the drag knob then back it off one whole turn. Helps lengthen the life of the drag mechanism.

Until next time – Tightlines   Capt. Tony

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