Special Fishing Spot

Many traveling anglers search for that sweet spot where there is easy access, safe for families, surrounded by a beautiful environment and a place where they can regularly catch fish.  Well, there is such a place like that on the Outer Banks.

The “Bebop” Public Multi-use Pier on the western bank of the Old Mann’s Harbor Bridge, just outside Manteo on Rt. 64, is that special spot. So special, that when you visit the pier, it will exceed everyone’s expectations.

The facility was built in remembrance of Betty Dean “Bebop” Fearing, a Dare County local. She enjoyed a life-long love of nature and the outdoors on the Outer Banks. And so after she passed away after a long illness, her family and friends helped create a magnificent memorial to her where locals and visitors can enjoy an easy access to one of her favorite places.  

The pier location splits the Albemarle Sound and Croatan Sound where water flows freely across grass flats and edges and points. Views from the pier are just spectacular of the Albemarle Sound and the surrounding areas. And the local waters hold many species of fish.

Local anglers frequent this pier in the spring and fall in search for prized catches of stripers, puppy drum and sea speckled trout. In the summer, anglers catch large numbers of flounder and croaker in addition to many other local species.

The pier has plenty of parking including for those who have limited mobility. Handrails, railings, and benches are provided for safety and convenience and a covered pavilion will provide shelter from rain or sun. And the entire pier is surrounded by a substantial guardrail to prevent falling into the water.

This area is also a destination for the region’s largest community of purple martins.

So for both anglers, visiting families and anyone who seeks a special sweet spot to enjoy nature, the outdoors for the whole family along with a great opportunity to catch fish, this is the place not to be missed.

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony