Fishing Reports – Just a Start

How accurate is a local fishing report and how can it be used to help the angler catch more fish?  A fishing report is only as good as the information it contains. Reliability is imperative.  And any Information that is skewed or exaggerated or is plain false can only lead to angler frustration and mistrust when searching for future data. So a fishing report must be accurate, reliable and user friendly to be of any value to the angling community.

A detailed fishing report is basically the cornerstone of any fishing trip. Most tackle shops and marinas provide periodic updates on the current catches. These reports are typically posted or broadcasted through selected media where they are easily accessed.

But the basic fishing report should only be the beginning of a long list of other data to ensure the trip goes as planned.

Most fishing reports will give the species caught, possibly the type of bait used and general location such as “caught on the bridge”. What is not included is the times, tides, current or water movement, water temperatures, specific lure or hook size along with many other important factors.

This information is readily available from the tackle shop and marina personal. But it is important to ask them and describe your fishing goal and objectives so they can provide the proper guidance.

Many anglers depend on second or third party reporting such as radio or news print. While this is accurate, it is sometimes incomplete. When listening or reading these reports, it is imperative to question what other circumstances existed during the catches. Only then will the angler benefit from not only the reports but the increased success.

So when an angler is planning their next outing, successful anglers do their homework researching not only the “catch” reports but the other factors that went into catching that fish as well.

The planning done prior to heading out will pay benefits many times over.

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony

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