Let’s Try Fishing – The Beginning

Let’s Try Fishing is a series of simple steps created by the “Walkingangler” for the beginning angler to help them learn to fish from a land structure on the Outer Banks. Although, these steps are designed to help the new angler, many experienced anglers may benefit from them.

Similar to the migration of our seasonal marine species, thousands of visitors are arriving each week for their summer vacation. Most visitors are here for fun and relaxation but others are looking for their next adventure. And for many, fishing has been on their bucket list for quite some time but never actually took the time to explore it.

Could this vacation be the time to try something new? Why not try “Let’s Try Fishing” on this vacation? What a great way to learn something new, enjoy the outdoors and make memories.

Starting out in any hobby including fishing can be frustrating if you make it too complicated.

What you don’t want to do is get your hobby off to the wrong start like buying the wrong gear or using the wrong bait or even violating a fishing rule. So hopefully, this series will help.

Unfortunately, some new anglers begin their hobby by going to a retail stores to “just get set up”. These stores will occasionally sell you less quality gear by inexperienced personnel. It’s probably best to steer clear of these big box stores to help avoid that big disappointment on your first trip.

Another problem new angler’s face is believing “what worked up north may work here too”. This may apply is some settings but as a rule, leave your old gear at home. And it’s’ best to do as the local experienced anglers do, “fish for the fish that are here, using gear that local anglers use to catch them”.

So as we weave our way through “Let’s Try Fishing” remember, just keep it simple. Learn the proper techniques and various methods from the start and then grow into a very good angler using proper techniques and good equipment. And then over time and with little patience, you will become more confident and with confidence will come success.

Over the next several weeks, we will be talking about how the new angler can learn to fish the land structures on the Outer Banks. We will be discussing many common sense steps ultimately helping you to become a successful saltwater angler.

Check back soon for the next step – Simple Rules.

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony 

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