Yup – I’m New Here

This time of year, visitors are arriving in the hundreds for vacation on the Outer Banks. Most are looking for their next adventure. For possibly years, fishing has been on their bucket list but really never took the time to explore it.

Now more than ever, visitors are taking that opportunity to experience this rave that is exploding all over the Outer Banks.

Fishing has been just outstanding over the past several months and with so much excitement, many new anglers are jumping into this new hobby.

Starting fresh in fishing can be frustrating for any new angler. Where to go and what to use and more. There are dozens of places who can just “set you up”. But only a few places can actually get you started so that this first experience is rewarding.

A local tackle shops should be your first stop. They can help identify the best rod and reel for your use. Provide you with the proper technique but more importantly the freshest bait. And any tips on special places, times, conditions and the regulations they must follow.

As any novice would do, they may be tempted to fill their basket with many items because they might look good or someone back home told them it works up north so it must work there.

Don’t be fooled. Fish can be found everywhere, but techniques are specific to an area or region. What worked at home or last year, may not work here and now.

Once a new angler gets comfortable with the gear and techniques, they can move on to more advanced levels of fishing. Over time and with little patience, you will become more confident and with confidence will come success.

This is the first of a series, “Hey, I’m New Here”, and I want to go fishing. Check back soon for the next step.

Until next time – Tightlines. Capt. Tony

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